Get your personal credit

Good Finance is an online credit multinational that has granted loans worth more than 3 billion euros distributed among more than 10 million customers. It has been operating in Spain since 2016, although it has previously worked in other countries in central Europe. Among Good Finance products you can find:

What to know about Good Finance’s personal credits?


  • You can request it online from your mobile or from your computer. It is very simple to apply, it will not take you more than 10 minutes to request your credit.
  • They allow you to request a first loan of $ 800 maximum. Subsequently, and as long as you have a good credit history, you can ask for a maximum of $ 2,500.
  • The minimum amount you can request is $ 300.
  • Acceptance or not will vary according to the terms of the loan application, the creditworthiness and credit history analysis you have, and the terms of the financing contract.
  • You will mark the return period yourself, but you have to know that you must place it between 3 and 24 months. You can divide the payment into convenient terms
  • If one month you cannot pay the fee, Good Finance allows you to defer it but you must pay a commission for it. You can postpone it for 30 days as long as you are up to date with payment. You can only make two annual and non-consecutive deferrals , and in addition, you must request it more than 20 days before the date of payment of the fee. The postponement will involve a 20% commission.
  • There is no commission for a partial prepayment but if it is made in full, the commission will be 0.5%.
  • The interest rate that applies to loans will be of an APR of 151.8%, TIN of 96%. For example, if we request $ 800 to be returned in 24 months, the monthly fee will amount to $ 75.98, which will mean a total amount of $ 1,823.52.

How does credit with Good Finance guarantee work?


Obtaining financing will be very easy thanks to Good Finance, since it allows new clients to request up to $ 800 and old ones with solvency in the company up to $ 2500, one of the broadest and most competitive terms in the market.

As if this were not enough, Good Finance is comprehensive with the situation of its customers and accepts that you have debts in unpaid files such as ASNEF or Experian, although they will check where they come from.




  • Up to $ 2,500 of credit for former clients.
  • Response in less than 24 hours.
  • Flexibility of payment between 3 and 24 monthly installments.
  • Application and processing totally online.
  • No opening and management fees .
  • Free early partial refund.
  • You can accept ASNEF.


  • It does not have first free credit like other entities.
  • The first loan is a maximum of $ 800.
  • They allow you to defer a fee (two a year not consecutive) but they charge you a 20% commission.
  • It requires demonstrable monthly income: payroll, pension, self-employed or unemployment benefit.
  • It charges a commission of 0.5% for the total prepayment.
  • Interest on default of 1.76%, which makes it one of the highest in the market.