Request credit conditions – Reporting of a loan request.


Credit bureau neutral reporting of a loan request

redit bureau neutral reporting of a loan request

What many are unaware that even a loan request from a bank leads to a message to the credit bureau – even if no credit has been granted. Here are basically two options conceivable: the message as a request credit conditions (KK) or as a request credit (AK). There are important differences.

The message request credit conditions remains stored in the credit bureau file for one year, but can not be viewed by other institutions. In addition, the report does not influence the credit rating of the credit bureau, which calculates otherwise a so-called scoring value from the stored characteristic values ​​of the prospective customer – a type of credit rating. The KK message is not included here – a reason why the request is often referred to as “credit bureauneutral” or as a loan request “without credit bureau”. Quite correct, these names are not, because the credit bureau captures the feature yes anyway.

In contrast to the request credit conditions, a request credit is available for other banks for about ten days. Many credit inquiries in a short time can also negatively affect the credit bureau scoring. Loan requests may thus worsen the chances of actually receiving a loan. The request credit remains stored as the request credit terms a year.

Reporting on comparison portals, online appearances and bank consultations

Reporting on comparison portals, online appearances and bank consultations

Loan requests that are initiated via comparison portals at banks are usually reported as request credit terms to the credit bureau. This also applies to loan inquiries that are made directly online via the respective internet presence to a bank. Only when the loan application is also submitted in writing to the bank together with the required evidence, followed by another message – this time as a request credit. This is usually preceded by a loan commitment subject to reservation.

The situation may be different when a loan request is made during a personal consultation in a bank branch. Here you should push for a message as request credit terms at the credit bureau message. Basically, the bank can decide which form of notification it makes.