A new platform that lets you shop for fashion TV and movies

Loving fashion on TV and in the movies is part of the entertainment experience. I mean, who doesn’t take the James Bond style points? But it can be tedious to search the internet for similar items or, worse yet, the real pieces featured in your latest TV obsession. To find where these elusive items are hiding, you need Seek.

Seek is a budding new website that curates clothing brands and grooming products featured in top rated hit TV shows and movies, like a Tom Ford suit jacket from 007: No time to die and Persol sunglasses featured in Succession. The site also offers pieces inspired by popular entertainment when exact pieces are scarce, as is the case with Dune and Squid games.

The platform, which went live in beta last October and is slated for a full launch in a few months, is the brainchild of Sara Klausing, a former Vogue editor and Google alum. She envisioned the concept during the pandemic, to create a hub for fans to enjoy pop culture and fashion.

“People talked about the clothes and the products on the social media shows, but there wasn’t a single house online for those conversations,” Klausing said. Vogue End of november. “Coming from the editorial world, we really understand what’s going on behind the scenes. We know that wardrobe stylists, hairstylists, and makeup artists are the best at what they do and they select the best products for what they do. But there is a gap between what the public sees and what is accessible to them. “

Additionally, she noticed that men also wanted to know what these actors were wearing onscreen.

“Leading male archetypes are powerful vehicles for brands,” Klausing told Men’s Health. “[They] Often give life to simple looks that are easy to replicate. No time to die is a prime example of this. James bond has the perfect version of all the essentials a man could possibly need: the button down collar, everyday sunglasses, the Omega watch, the black button down shirt, etc. ”

Seek tries to bridge that gap, allowing users to browse everything from pieces inspired by Dunethe minimal neutral aesthetic of the exact (and astronomically expensive) fashion featured on Unsafe.

Take the style popularity of Succession for example: fans of the series wanted to emulate the luxury men’s fashion of the series in their everyday life.

“You might not want a Roy’s personal luggage, you might end up looking at a Rolex Date just to signal the ambitious lifestyle they lead,” says Klausing. “SuccessionMichelle Matland’s costume designer is intentional with the on-screen placements, with the Roys of course investing the best of the best: Ahlem sunglasses, a Metier London leather briefcase, Augustinus Bader face cream, a Loro Piana cashmere baseball. “

Plus, the small screen is also a great place for guys to check out some up-and-coming designers. To look for take off his fashionable hat for Unsafethe costumers of Shiona Turini and ACD Yashua Simmons, who have dressed the character of Jay Ellis in emerging brands like AMI Paris and Fear of God.

Seek, as a growing fashion and entertainment meeting platform, capitalizes on this approach to media as the future of fashion and fandom.

“We’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg,” Klausing said Vogue. “There are so many opportunities in this space, and we’re just getting started. “

And you have to admit, dress exactly like 007 actually looks pretty tight.

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