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Viranica Manchu made headlines for designing a Florentina dress for the 10th birthday of Abhishek and Aishwarya’s daughter, Aaradhya. In fact, the Paris Hitlon veil, which was part of her pink bridal ensemble, is also by her. The city-based designer, who runs a luxury children’s fashion brand, Maison Ava, is making waves in the fashion industry. New York University alumnus talks about her brand, what fashion means to her and the big dream

How and why did you get into children’s fashion?
Maison Ava has been under construction for some time now. We researched the fabrics, brand architecture, business plans and assembled the designs. It has been preparing for almost two years now. I have four children and I have never compromised on the clothes I put on them or the products I use for them. We always choose the best designers for ourselves. But when it comes to kids, sometimes kids’ fashion is an afterthought for the designers themselves. This is why we wanted to launch a line focused on children. As a company, we wanted to be attentive to what we offer.

Manchurian Viranica

What sets Maison Ava apart from its competitors?
Honestly, there aren’t many competitors for us at this point as children’s sewing is still a new idea. When I started looking to put my kids in couture clothes, there were barely three or four brands in the world. Yes we have the Guccis, Dolce & Gabbanas and all the established players, but they are not in formal wear. This is precisely what Maison Ava is for – kids wear for weddings, larger-than-life birthdays, or celebrities who want to take their kids to the red carpet. Currently, there are not many players dealing with the second-hand clothing market, so we wanted to enter this space. However, what makes us different is the workmanship and craftsmanship that goes into our clothing. We don’t settle for anything less than pure silk.

What fabrics and colors do you like to work with?
Our collection mainly consists of pastel tones, which is preferred by children and parents. We also work with a lot of earthy tones. For example, our winter collection has more reds, blacks, gold and ivory. In terms of materials, we use a lot of tulles, silks and organzas for the girls. For the boys, we use the finest Italian wools.

What is the age group you are addressing?
One to 12 years old. But we don’t stop there. We can customize for any age and size.

What is the story behind Paris Hilton’s pink veil. How did she find your collection?
We have our entire collection in a showroom in LA and sometimes fashion stylists come in and make special requests for a celebrity. This is how the Paris Hilton stylist came across our collection. They loved it and ordered the veil.

How do you organize your fashion shoots?
This is the most exciting part for me. I am a creative soul. Most of the time, I am the creative director of these shoots. I have a big team for that. The first filming took place at the Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai. We were looking for a more opulent setting. Before choosing Dubai we were looking all over the world but due to Covid restrictions we had to focus on this place. When it comes to models, we work with some of the best modeling agencies in the world, whether in Dubai or Los Angeles. I select all the models because I like to visualize what the clothes would look like on certain models. Also, we need to group the kids – two or three kids in a shot. It should look aesthetically composed. I often find myself behind the wheel of these shoots because I am constantly visualizing things. I have a good eye. The second shoot took place in a beautiful mansion in Malibu, overlooking the water. The concept was the Californian winter.

Have you studied fashion design?
No. But we had introductory fashion design classes in my fashion marketing program. I studied jewelry design. The fundamentals of design are the same, it is only the technical aspects that differ. Also, I like to play dress up with my children. It all came after years
of practice on my children and to be inspired by it.

What is the big dream?
The dream is to be identified as the must-have fashion house for children. If anyone in the world wants to dress their kids in luxury clothes, I want Maison Ava to be the first business they think of.

Your personal style?
I love timeless designs. I’m not a big fan of trends and fast-fashion. You should be able to wear a garment today and also in 10 years. I’m all about upcycling and reuse. My style is very classic and has a lot of basic peaches. I’m not very loud in my choice of colors – I like black, ivory, olives, etc. I love sarees and am a huge fan of heirloom weaves.

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