American fashion designer Pinoy promotes Davao banana fabric

A USA-based FILIPINO fashion designer gave a new take on Davao area banana fabric.

Carl Andrada is a Capiz-born fashion and costume designer who has been practicing in Los Angeles, California since 2015. Being far from his homeland, he never forgets to continue promoting his culture. Recently, he used fabric produced by Tagum City-based Joy Soo’s MUSA to design an outfit for the photoshoot for Ms. Universe 2020 candidate Ms. Maurice.

“It was after the Miss Universe pageant, I invited her to visit Los Angeles and she was kind enough to do a photoshoot since she wore some of my designs during Miss Universe. One of them was made from Mindanao fabric, ”he explained.

As a defender of the Filipino fabric, it wasn’t difficult for him to fall in love with MUSA. He believes that the fabrics made in the Philippines should be seen all over the world, not only in Filipino costumes, but also in ordinary clothing, such as dresses, shirts and dresses.

“We have an abundance of fabric in the Philippines that we need to showcase. That’s why, I let Miss Maurice wear one of my first models in MUSA to show people how beautiful and elegant a fabric is, and that it really is of world-class quality ”, he noted.

With his growing love for MUSA, he plans to produce a collection of 15-20 banana fabric designs. These exciting pieces are slated to be part of Los Angeles Fashion Week SS2022 in October to officially present MUSA in the United States. And that’s sure to be great news for Soo, who is one of the most recent graduates of the Department of Trade and Industry 11’s Kapatid Mentor Me (KMME) program.

“The fact that Musa is advocacy, and that it helps and supports disadvantaged people and their respective families, it made me realize that I had to embrace it. I have the feeling that in my own way, I could open doors of opportunity for MUSA and its collaborators, ”he said of his shared vision with the local entrepreneur-designer.

Andrada’s creations are rooted in the uniqueness of the materials he uses. MUSA being unconventional and available in bright colors, he wants to make more of them portable pieces.

To those who want to someday become a big man in the industry, the brilliant designer gave this advice: “Never stop learning and you should always seek knowledge because the world is full of opportunities. You need to prepare yourself in the times of very rapid change. Never imitate someone, be original. Find that uniqueness in yourself and be kind. And finally, love and adopt the profession you have chosen. “


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