Best NYDJ Women’s Clothing For Fall 2021

It’s time to invest in high bases.

You might already have a white t-shirt and a pair of dark wash skinny jeans in your closet, but a full closet needs a lot of the basics like a bodysuit, a cute work blouse, or a pair of slip-ons. comfortable adapted to each outfit.

If you’re missing out on essential outfit items, NYDJ is the fashion brand you should keep on your radar. Its quality will be Actually Style you last for years and the brand is a step above the rest in terms of giving you a chic touch to basic pieces.

“NYDJ helps women feel and feel better,” NYDJ stylist Lindsey Dupuis told The Post. “It adapts to all body shapes – especially small and plus sizes – and is multigenerational to celebrate all women.”

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Personally, my favorite pieces to wear are the Lynn Slip-On Moccasins (the most comfortable moccasins ever), the modern leggings (so comfy!) And the Trucker Jean jacket (a tried and true must-have).

NYDJ’s denim offerings consist of 17 plastic bottles per pair, so it’s a lower environmental impact than traditional denim.

“NYDJ has some great fall basics that play with texture, like the sherpa coat, with endless options for returning to the workplace,” adds Dupuis. “Plus, they’re set in comfort, so all pieces have a flattering but snug stretch.”

Below, find NYDJ’s Top 10 Favorite Dupuis Picks. With each piece, you’ll find color, size, and fit options to help guide your shopping experience.

  • Color choice: Black rinse
  • Size options: 00 to 18
  • Adjustment options: Regular, Plus

Perfect for returning to the office, the Ami Skinny Ankle Jeans are a flattering yet comfortable option that pairs perfectly with a flowy work blouse and loafers.

Plus, the BlackLast Denim line is NYDJ’s ultra-durable collection.

Stretch Linen Utility Jacket
  • Color options: Wet sand, Black
  • Size options: XXS-XL

Utility jackets will never go out of style – they’re classic, iconic to layer, and even wonderful to wear to the office or even to a dinner party with girlfriends. With a slightly cropped hem and two side pockets on the front, this utility jacket is unbeatable.

“A utility jacket is pretty masculine, so I love pairing it with floral designs to balance the look,” Dupuis said.

Slim jogging pants - Forever Comfort Collection
  • Color options: Lowell Jaguar, Black, Light heather gray
  • Size options: XXS-XXL

If we’ve learned anything in the life of the WFH, it’s that comfy joggers and pants are here to stay. The Slim Jogger Pants, part of NYDJ’s Forever Comfort collection, are comfortable French fleece pants you’ll want to wear everywhere.

“These jogging pants are perfect to pair with a turtleneck or a slimming top, or a denim jacket to create some structure to the outfit,” said Dupuis.

Raglan Sweatshirt - Forever Comfort Collection
  • Color options: Lowell Jaguar, Black
  • Size options: XXS-XXL

To match the Slim Jogger Pants, get the NYDJ Raglan Sweatshirt – made from the same premium French terry blend blend that doesn’t have a cashmere feel but a cashmere feel.

“It’s an old faithful to pair with your favorite jeans,” adds Dupuis.

Lynn Suede Slip-On Loafers For Kids
  • Color options: Sand, Navy
  • Size options: 5 to 11

Meet my favorite pair of WFH moccasins lately – the Lynn Slip-On Moccasins. So comfy and with a small block heel for just a little extra height, they are cushioned, have a flexible outsole, and are accented with a brushed nickel emblem.

“You can wear socks or jeans to show off your ankles with these shoes,” recommends Dupuis.

Marilyn straight jeans
  • Color choice: Golden
  • Size options: 00 to 18
  • Adjustment options: Regular, Petite, Plus

Well, hello there flattering. Chic and comfy, the Marilyn Straight jeans are a gorgeous slate color, have a sleek hem and hug your waist like no other.

“They’re jeans day and night,” Dupuis said. “You can slip them on with your favorite sneakers or our new mules.”

Pleated peasant blouse
  • Color options: Optical White, Pinion branches
  • Size options: XXS-XL

If you’re looking for your next white button down blouse for work that isn’t super structured, the nice pleated blouse is your best bet. With a subtle fluidity, it’s ideal to pair with jeans, checked work pants or even corduroy pants.

“The peasant blouse is a staple you need in your wardrobe to wear under your favorite coats for fall,” said Dupuis.

Gwen Stretch Mules in BlackLast Denim
  • Color options: Black, Indigo
  • Size options: 5 to 11

It’s the slip-on mule, reinvented. Gwen stretch mules are a traditional style to pair with all your work pants. Plus, they are available in a gorgeous charcoal gray color that would look amazing with dark washed denim.

“The Gwen stretch mules are ideal to pair with a sweatshirt dress or our Marilyn Straight jeans,” adds Dupuis. “They’re not too high, so they’re great heels day and night.”

Large Denim Tote Bag
  • Color choice: Indigo
  • Size options: Unique size

Practical and sewn with the cutest denim, this large tote can store anything and everything: your laptop, your lunch, and a pair of heels to slip on after your commute.

“It’s the perfect travel companion and can even double as a diaper bag,” adds Dupuis.

Short-sleeved pointelle sweater - Statement NYDJ La Romantique Collection
  • Color choice: Optical White
  • Size options: XS-XL

The Pointelle Short Sleeve Sweater features a nice texture, relaxed fit and a matching neutral that will pair well with tailored work pants or palazzo pants.

“It’s a great fall transition, especially if you live in a climate that isn’t very cold right now,” Dupuis said.

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