Palazzo style

Best City Halls in London | Standard Evening

True luxury hunters don’t want soulless mega-hotels with rows and rows of IDs. Instead, the new mark of a taste is a stay in a quirky little boutique, or – better yet – a townhouse so welcoming and understated that you almost, almost feel at home. Never ahead of a …

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Kriti Sanon VS Janhvi Kapoor: Which B’Town Diva Has Impeccable Off-Duty Style? (FAN BATTLE)

Who is gorgeous in a casual style: Kriti Sanon or Janhvi Kapoor? “class =” lazy img-responsive “data-src =” PM-920×518.jpeg “width =” 920 “height =” 518 “alt =” Kriti Sanon VS Janhvi Kapoor: Which B’Town diva has impeccable off-duty style? (FAN BATTLE) “/> Kriti Sanon and Janhvi Kapoor are the …

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How to spend a vacation in underrated Montenegro

Montenegro is back. As of today (October 11), the only European country that was on the UK’s red list sees the quarantine requirement in hotels for returning travelers lifted. If you’ve had the chance to visit this obscure but alluring Balkan country before the severe restrictions came into effect on …

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