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KIAWAH ISLAND, South Carolina – Carolina Coast Tiffany Arafi shot a record 54-hole CCU individual score of 201, 15 under par, to win first place medal honors and lead the Coastal women’s golf team to the team title with a team score in three rounds of 839, 25 cents, at the Buccaneer Classic held at the Oak Point Kiawah Island Golf Resort in Kiawah Island, SC

The roster’s five Chanticleers shot below par on the final day of play on Tuesday, while three of the five finished in the top 10 in the tournament standings.

Arafi, who set a new individual school record on 36 holes of 132.12 under par Monday with rounds of 68 and 64, shot a 69.3 under par in the final round of play on Tuesday to shoot away for the individual victory with a combined score of 201, 15 under par.

The previous record for the lowest individual score on 54 holes was a 205, 11 under par, par Nicole abelar last spring at the River Landing Classic in North Carolina.

The senior topped the tournament with an average score of 2.67, -5, par 3, finished third in the tournament with a scoring average of 3.92, -1, par 4, and placed in the top of the individual peloton with an average par 5 score of 4.47, -8, for the event.

She also dominated the entire tournament with 18 birdies to accompany 33 pars on her 54 holes of play.

As a team, the Chanticleers had rounds of 289, 273 and 277 to escape the field and win by 12 strokes with a team score of 54 holes of 839, 25 under par. The 54-hole team score of 839 is the lowest 54-hole team score in program history, breaking the previous record of 849, +9, at the Evie Odom Invitational earlier this month- this.

Like CCU’s second round 273, Chants’ third round 277, 11 below par, was the lowest team round of the day. The 277 round marks the third-lowest 18-hole team score in CCU history behind second round 273 yesterday and a 276.12 under par last year at the River Landing Classic.

Senior journeyman Caitlin Evans-Brand closed the tournament with a final round of 70.2 under par to place third overall with a score of 54 holes of 209.7 under par with rounds of 71, 68 and 70.

Evans-Brand led the tournament with a 3.79, -5 par-4 average over all three rounds of play, and finished the event with 15 birdies and 32 pars in total. His score of 209 on 54 holes is the second lowest in his CCU career.

First-year student Sara sarrion shot a round of 69.3 under par on Tuesday to tie for ninth with a score of 215 holes on 54 holes, 1 under par, with rounds of 76, 70 and 69. year Chant led the whole tournament with 42 pars and seven birdies over the two days of play.

Just a hit behind Sarrion was his compatriot Chant Sophie carlsen, like the patented junior rounds of 74, 71 and 71, to tie for 12th overall with 216, even par. In the last round of play, Carlsen recorded three birdies and 13 pars, for a total of 38 pars and eight birdies in his three rounds of play.

To complete the Chants programming, junior redshirt Jenjira Jinangkul who also shot under par with a round of 69.3 under par on Tuesday. Combined with his rounds of 78 and 77 on Monday, Jinangkul finished tied for 31st with a score of 224, +8. In his last 18 holes, Jinangkul was tied for third of the day with five birdies and 11 pars.

Play as an individual during the two day event, Maika llarena shot an 80, +8 on Tuesday to give him rounds of 74, 84 and 80 for a 54-hole tournament score of 238, +22.

Les Chants finished ahead of Sun Belt Conference member Georgia Southern, who placed second with a team score of 851, 13 below par. Limestone (857, -7), Western Carolina (827, +8) and Houston Baptist (878, +14) round out the top five in the standings.

As a team, the Chanticleers topped the tournament field with a par 4 (3.98, -2) and par 5 (4.84, -12) score, and also led the field with 56 birdies. Coastal was also tied with Western Carolina for most pars on 54 holes of play with 177 on the team.

The Chanticleers will close the fall 2021 program at the Club at Olde Stone Intercollegiate hosted by Louisville on October 25-26 in Bowling Green, Ky.

For full coverage of CCU Women’s Golf, follow the Chants on social media @CoastalWGolf (Twitter), facebook.com/CCUChanticleers (Facebook), @GoCCUsports (Instagram), or visit the official home of Coastal Carolina Athletics at www.GoCCUsports.com.

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Nike Victory swim tunic review: The complete 2.0 collection has proven its worth https://style-palazzo.com/nike-victory-swim-tunic-review-the-complete-2-0-collection-has-proven-its-worth/ https://style-palazzo.com/nike-victory-swim-tunic-review-the-complete-2-0-collection-has-proven-its-worth/#respond Mon, 18 Oct 2021 10:46:33 +0000 https://style-palazzo.com/nike-victory-swim-tunic-review-the-complete-2-0-collection-has-proven-its-worth/

Many women choose to dress modestly because it is a preference in their everyday life. For some it can be an act of worship – for others it is simply a lifestyle they choose to carry out. Modest swimwear, however, can often be hard to come by – but with the expanding reach of the fashion industry, some styles are slowly making their way into the mainstream.

To celebrate different beliefs and forms of clothing, Nike launched its very first Victory swimwear collection last year, welcoming another side of the brand and revolutionizing modest swimwear with its Victory suit; head-to-toe equipment that provides fluid action in the water.

This year, Nike has further broadened its horizons with the Victory 2.0 collection – a line designed to empower women of all walks of life and allow for more comfort when wearing modest swimsuits. For this second line, the brand collaborated with Muslim Sisterhood, a creative community dedicated to centering Muslims in photography, publishing, fashion and more. The collective played an important role in the testing of the swimsuits, as well as in the realization of the campaign.

“We have always chosen our community over formal casting processes,” explains the Muslim Sisterhood team. “We are very proud of our all-female ensembles which prioritize Muslim women and non-binary people of color.”

Seeing names known as Nike opening their markets to marginalized communities is really a step in the right direction. But finding the right style, fit, shape, pattern and material when it comes to modest swimwear isn’t easy, so we put the Nike Victory Swim 2.0 collection to the test to see. if its performance is water resistant. Will the collection sink or swim?

Read more:

How we tested

We tried on one of the full sets in the collection, including the hijab, leggings and tunic. The set was tested in a pool to get the best results from the swimsuit – we wanted to assess the materials’ comfort, breathability and absorption, as well as their performance in the water. We also wore it around the block, to see the durability of the material and the elasticity of the fabric when running.

The best products in the Nike Victory 2.0 collection are:

  • Best secure fit – Nike Victory women’s swim hijab: £ 39.95, Nike.com
  • Best for support – Nike Victory Women’s Full Coverage Swimsuit: £ 83.95, Nike.com
  • Best for comfort – Nike Victory women’s slim swim leggings: £ 60.95, Nike.com
  • Best statement piece – Nike Victory Womens White Tick Slim Leggings: £ 71.95, Nike.com

Nike victory women’s swimming hijab

Better: Secure fit

Evaluation: 7/10

The Nike hijab is made from a “durable, chlorine resistant fabric” – it provides full neck and head coverage, fitting securely around the face. The elastic around the face gives it more security, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping underwater, but it is still very comfortable to wear. Most swimming hijabs are difficult to place around the face as they can often be extremely tight, but we have found this hijab to fit easily.

Many women prefer to wear the hijab as a cap rather than having full coverage around their neck. For us, the elastic meant that this hijab could be worn around the head effortlessly, tucking the hair underneath and placing the extra material used for the neck, inside the cup. It held up well underwater and the water pressure had no effect on the placement of the hijab.

Nike Victory Women’s Full Coverage Swimsuit

Better: For support

Evaluation: 8/10

We tested this tunic in size small, which corresponds to the size. There was still some room and space for the material to move around, giving a more modest look for those who don’t want their figure or body shape to be visible. It also comes with an attached underlay bra, with removable cups that allow water to flow more easily. We’ve found that you won’t need to wear an extra bra underneath, as the tunic itself provides an extra layer of security.

Its stand-up collar and adjustable zipper make it simple to put on quickly for quick changes during your vacation getaway or at the local pool. And with its vivid aquamarine pattern, fiery berry and white sleeves, contrasting with the solid black color of the body, it is vibrant and easily noticeable if you are swimming in the sea.

Both sleeves have thumb grips at the end to make sure they don’t twist when you swim. When worn underwater, the tunic rises slightly, so it may be best to place the tunic inside the leggings. You can easily unfold the material once you have left the pool.

Nike Victory women’s slim swim leggings

Better: For comfort

Evaluation: 7.5 / 10

Nike Swim’s stretch leggings really didn’t disappoint – the material felt soft against the skin and super light. They sit high on the waist and fit like a glove – good for days when you might be feeling a little bloated, but still snug enough to make sure it stays in place when you swim.

In the water, the leggings didn’t move or roll, which provided a safer experience and made us feel like we could swim freely and enjoy every moment. These leggings are currently out of stock but will be back in stock soon.

Nike Victory women’s slim-fit leggings with white ticks

Better: Declaration document

Evaluation: 7/10

Nike’s Victory 2.0 collection is also available in many other models. Another piece that also struck us was the monochrome white tick swimsuit, which is also available for purchase separately.

The leggings in this set are a simple yet striking piece with white check marks all over the bottom. The fabric, like the other piece, is stretchy, breathable and easy to wear. These leggings also held up well underwater and sat well around the waist and hips – another of our favorite pieces from the collection.

The verdict: the Nike Swim Victory 2.0 collection

The only element that stole the show has to be the purple patterned tunic. Its adaptable style gave maximum support and also protection. Each item is sold separately, but for best performance be sure to check out the full set. You can also mix and match colors and styles with the other pieces available in the Victory Collection.

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Are you looking for something a little more chic? Discover our overview of best hijab styles for weddings and special occasions

IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions we earn income if you click the links and purchase the products, but we never allow this to distort our coverage. Reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

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Stop making menopause a mark! It’s about health care, not money | Eleanor Mills https://style-palazzo.com/stop-making-menopause-a-mark-its-about-health-care-not-money-eleanor-mills/ https://style-palazzo.com/stop-making-menopause-a-mark-its-about-health-care-not-money-eleanor-mills/#respond Sun, 17 Oct 2021 09:45:00 +0000 https://style-palazzo.com/stop-making-menopause-a-mark-its-about-health-care-not-money-eleanor-mills/

Tmenopause was the condition that dare not pronounce its name, the domain of older aunts whispering about “change.” Now it is impossible to escape the subject. Many celebrities, from Davina McCall to Meg Mathews, keep talking about hot flashes, brain fog and vaginal atrophy. Monday is World Menopause Day.

The cause even received royal support recently, with Sophie, Countess of Wessex, godmother of the association. Well-being of women, speaking about the plight of postmenopausal women at work. “We’re fabulous in our forties and even more fabulous in our 50s, 60s and 60s,” she said. “We shouldn’t have to let ourselves fall into the shadows.” Quite.

The statistics are striking: 900,000 women have quit their jobs because of symptoms of menopause, according to the Menopause Charity association, 80% reporting hot flashes and 60% brain fog. A TUC survey of 4,000 women found that menopause affected the working lives of 85% of those surveyed.

There is also a sort of menopause gold rush going on. Many brands have launched menopause creams, cookware, and even menopausal clothing. Maybe I’m a cranky guy, but I can’t help but wonder how useful this really is and how bad the marketing turns.

Jo Whiley is one of the women celebrating her forties. Photography: Amelia Troubridge

Of course, it’s good that menopause policies are becoming a must for businesses, but, as Jenny Haskey, president of the Menopause Charity, says, “It’s not enough for businesses to have a menopause policy that’s right there. in a folder. We need the right conversations and a culture change.

“Most importantly, women should talk to their doctor during perimenopause and menopause because hormones fluctuate, and have regular checkups. They need to know what the medical options are for their symptoms, whether it’s HRT, certain hot flash medications, or vaginal estrogen. And, of course, doctors need to have the information women need.

“It is striking that 15,000 trainee doctors, nurses and general practitioners have taken the free FourteenFish Confidence in Menopause course since the association launched it in May – to address the lack of this material in existing medical training.

A survey conducted last week by Midi, the platform that I founded for women in their 40s, with supplement brand Lyma, found that 85% of women wanted more and better information about menopause (we just published our six part guide, The Feelgood Menopause, written by health journalist Jo Waters) and 65% said they were confused, especially about the safety of HRT.

But while there is no doubt that an overhaul of available treatments is needed (the all-party-backed Menopause (Support and Services) Bill will receive its second reading later this month, in the hope to make HRT free of NHS fees in England (as it is in Scotland and Wales) I want to issue a caveat.

I’ve spent the last year chatting with mature women and while they all want access to reliable information and knowledgeable doctors, they’re also clear that they don’t want to be defined by their biology.

Granted, as a young woman, I didn’t want to be defined by whether or not I had my period. I was often enraged when I was accused of being premenstrual (code for moody). Let’s not forget that for millennia, women have been excluded from education on the grounds that their brains are inferior due to their wombs and pesky hormones.

The Men-o-pause t-shirt reads as follows: "does that mean i'm getting a break from men now?"
Menopause t-shirt.

Menopause is a natural phase of life for which women need correct information and medical care. At 50, I really don’t want to be defined as a hysterical collection of brain fog and sweat, kept from doing my job by my pesky hormones. And I don’t want employers to be dissuaded (any more than they already are by ageism) from hiring older women.

I am not alone in this point of view. Another Noon survey, conducted with Vision Express last month, found that 67% of middle-aged women didn’t want to be seen as a walking hot flash.

My immersion in the lives of these women made me realize that the pivot of 40 is not just about hormones. Research from the Center for Midlife in America reveals that misfortune peaks at age 47, because that’s when we are hit by a tsunami of problems: divorce, bereavement, empty nests, elderly parents, our own problems of health and dismissal.

There is also this creeping feeling as we reach 50 that there is even less life to come than what has already happened and we need to make the remaining years count. Many women I have spoken to are keen to stress that this time in their lives is not just about menopause.

The stories we hear at noon are about women who want a new challenge, a legacy, a purpose. Many are going back to college as mature students, “finally doing something for me,” as one told me last week. Others return to pursue the dreams they had when they were younger – one woman became an actress at 60, while another who was told at school that her options were to be a teacher , secretary or hairdresser (and opted for the latter) published her first novel in her fifties. Some have left the corporate world and become consultants or start their own business.

noon # See yourself differently The campaign features seven women in their 40s who are starting a new chapter and loving the lives they lead. One of the women is TV and radio presenter Jo Whiley, who said, “There is a joy and a release that comes with age. It makes perfect sense for me to embrace your 40s – you have more knowledge, wisdom and experience.

Rachel Peru became a lingerie model at the age of 50.
Rachel Peru became a lingerie model at the age of 50. Photography: Amelia Troubridge

Another woman, Rachel Peru, became a curvy / lingerie model at age 50 (she had always wanted to be an actress). Victoria Whitford quit her diplomatic career at 46 and converted to become a general practitioner, which was her childhood dream.

I am all in favor of coming out of menopause from the shadows. Unlike childbirth or breastfeeding, menopause is something all women go through. For too long, women’s health issues have been the poor cousin, underfunded, under-studied. I welcome the spotlight on, for example, HRT reassessments. The latest studies show only minimal risks from taking it and, for many women, it is a lifeline.

Kate Muir, producer of Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and Menopause on Channel 4 and author of a forthcoming book titled Everything you need to know about menopause, said: “Speaking with menopause experts and women themselves, I discovered that the main problem at work is not just hot flashes, but the combination of anxiety, loss of self-confidence and fatigue. Brain fog is a major concern for powerful women.

“Hormonal anxiety and brain fog are not treated properly, with a Newson Health survey showing that 66% of women complaining of bad mood during menopause were offered antidepressants rather than HRT, which is much more likely to help. I had comically low levels of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. They were so low that my brain just wasn’t functioning properly. Once I got the right cocktail of hormones, it started to run at full speed again ”.

For eons, in the eyes of men, women ceased to be precious when they were no longer fertile or fanciful – which is why, too often, older women are erased from the cultural narrative and become invisible because the male lens does not want to look on them. We need to fix menopause so that we can live a rich second half of life. We don’t want the “pinkification” gold rush to put women back in that old “hysterical” box.

I don’t want a pot branded with the menopause or menopause-friendly clothing – I just want to continue to feel good about myself and live the life I love.

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]]> https://style-palazzo.com/stop-making-menopause-a-mark-its-about-health-care-not-money-eleanor-mills/feed/ 0 Windsor Fashions opens new store in Fayette Shopping Center https://style-palazzo.com/windsor-fashions-opens-new-store-in-fayette-shopping-center/ https://style-palazzo.com/windsor-fashions-opens-new-store-in-fayette-shopping-center/#respond Sat, 16 Oct 2021 01:47:12 +0000 https://style-palazzo.com/windsor-fashions-opens-new-store-in-fayette-shopping-center/

Windsor Fashions opened a store in the Fayette Mall on October 7.

Windsor Fashions opened a store in the Fayette Mall on October 7.

Submitted photo

A national women’s clothing chain specializing in “fast fashion” and affordable special occasion dresses has opened a store in Lexington.

Windsor Fashion opened at Fayette Mall on Oct. 7, the company said in a press release.

“Windsor is focused on providing a wide selection of on-trend clothing for all the occasions in a woman’s life,” the company said. “Whether it’s school occasions like prom and graduation, seasonal events like Halloween, New Years Eve, or everyday occasions like date night and brunch with girls ; Windsor offers a wide and inspiring assortment of the latest trends.

The store is located across from another fast fashion brand, Forever 21, in the Fayette Mall. In Louisville, Windsor has stores in the Mall St. Matthews and Jefferson Mall, according to the company’s website.

The California-based company has more than 260 locations in the United States, according to the press release announcing the Lexington site. The chain announced in May that it plans to open 150 new stores in 2021 and 2022. At that time, the retailer said it had 230 stores and indicated that its target market was the 18 to 34 age range.

“The reopening of the economy in 2021 brings with it a resurgence of social events and special occasions like prom, graduation and weddings. Windsor is benefiting both online and in-store from this momentum as bricks and mortar continue to maintain their importance for last-minute second-hand shopping, ” Windsor said in the May press release.

“The post-pandemic Windsor is ideally placed to capitalize on the return to normalcy and provide accessible fashion for all social events in the lives of our customers,” said Windsor CEO Leon Zekaria. “The rapid increase in our store expansion plan is an exciting next chapter for our employees, our business and, ultimately, our customers. ”

Zekaria and his brother Ike Zekaria represent the second generation of their family to operate the clothier, which was founded in 1937.

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Morning mail: schools could not be safe from Covid, unrest in Beirut, scramble on the restaurant side | https://style-palazzo.com/morning-mail-schools-could-not-be-safe-from-covid-unrest-in-beirut-scramble-on-the-restaurant-side/ https://style-palazzo.com/morning-mail-schools-could-not-be-safe-from-covid-unrest-in-beirut-scramble-on-the-restaurant-side/#respond Thu, 14 Oct 2021 19:35:00 +0000 https://style-palazzo.com/morning-mail-schools-could-not-be-safe-from-covid-unrest-in-beirut-scramble-on-the-restaurant-side/

gHello. Schools in New South Wales and Victoria could open next week, but teachers fear not enough has been done to welcome them back safely. Restaurants and bars are also slowly reopening as restrictions ease, but many have found a lucrative side business during the lockdown – fashion.

Teachers warn some students will be left behind – literally – when schools resume next week, because plans to make classrooms safe from Covid will not be ready. Concerns were raised about poor ventilation, a lack of air filters and no guidance on how to safely manage class sizes. Principals say they won’t be able to fit all students in classrooms if they adhere to the NSW government’s breakdown report, which says how many students are expected to be in each room. “We have situations where the room capacity leaves eight to 10 students in the cold, literally,” said NSW Teachers Federation Senior Vice President Amber Flohm. Schools in NSW and Victoria have been promised air purifiers and fans, but currently do not have them.

Rural liberals support the ‘benefits’ of climate action and a move towards a net zero emissions target despite warnings from some within federal nationals that regional Australia is “paying the cost” of decarbonizing the economy. Liberal MPs vote for more ambitious targets ahead of a crucial national meeting on Sunday where MPs will review the Morrison government’s plan for emissions cuts. Liberal MP Rowan Ramsey said he did not think regions “would cope” after policy change after Senate Nationals Leader Bridget McKenzie said this week that regions “will pay the cost. “.

A bow and arrow attack that left five people dead in Norway appears to have been an “act of terror”. Police said the 37-year-old suspect was a Muslim convert with previous criminal convictions who had previously been reported as a possible extremist. “The events in Kongsberg currently appear to be an act of terror, but the investigation (…) will determine in more detail why the acts were motivated,” the PST intelligence service said.


Australia’s supply of hydroxychloroquine became strained as it was seen as a potential Covid treatment, before being refuted by medical studies. Photograph: George Frey / Reuters

People with lupus pleaded for more hydroxychloroquine supply before the federal government told Clive Palmer he didn’t want more of the 33 million doses he wanted to give as a potential treatment for Covid. In some cases, patients with a legitimate need for the drug were unable to fill prescriptions due to shortages.

Financially subsidizing egg freezing for non-medical reasons enjoys wide support among Australian women, suggests a new study. The process, which costs around $ 10,000 per cycle, is only subsidized for women with health problems.

Political donations from gambling agencies have exploded and there are accusations that the Australian horse racing industry has received special treatment when it comes to allowing crowds at major events.

Labor accused the Coalition of playing politics with the lives of ‘women and children’ after pressure to pass the controversial visa cancellation bill. Labor Senator Kristina Keneally called on the government to do more to protect victims of domestic violence with temporary visas.

There is growing pressure for the government to toughen up its “toothless tiger” from a proposed federal integrity commission, amid criticism from a growing number of Liberal MPs, MPs and experts that the bill is too weak.

The world

Protesters demand the impeachment of Tarek Bitar, the lead judge in the investigation into the explosion at the port, near the Beirut courthouse.
Protesters demand the impeachment of Tarek Bitar, the lead judge in the investigation into the explosion at the port, near the Beirut courthouse. Photograph: Mohamed Azakir / Reuters

At least six people have died in the worst street violence in Beirut in 13 years. The clashes, which forced much of the city to close due to heavy fighting, were sparked by a protest against a judicial inquiry into the massive explosion in the city’s port last year.

Chinese man sentenced to death after a court found him guilty of killing his ex-wife by spraying him with gasoline and setting him on fire while she was broadcasting live on social media.

British Police Commissioner resigned after learning there was a “catastrophic lack of confidence” in his position after the victim-blaming comments he made after the murder of Sarah Everard.

Canadian woman is “thankful to be alive” after meteor crashes on her roof and on her bed, he misses little.

Recommended reading

The Valentinas cafe in Marrickville, in west-central Sydney, started selling merchandise as soon as it opened.
The Valentinas cafe in Marrickville, in west-central Sydney, started selling merchandise as soon as it opened. Photograph: Carly Earl / The Guardian

Fashion has become a vital ‘side bustle’ for Australian bars and restaurants struggling with the lockdown. The restrictions have forced the hospitality industry to go into survival mode, which makes wearing your local seal on your sleeve – or bag or head – quite touching. It’s not just about limited prints or smart design; these articles say you care about your city. “Souvenir t-shirts now have more meaning for consumers. There is a mutual understanding to help neighborhood hangouts and unspoken weight in wearing food and beverage products, ”says Kraggy, a mononymous print and graphics strategist.

While researching popular culture depictions of miscarriage, Isabelle Oderberg found herself revisiting Six Feet Under and the episode in the series in which Brenda’s character miscarries the day before her wedding. It was honest and nuanced and, even after two decades, the show still feels ahead of its time, Oderberg says. “There are a lot of issues that we don’t deal with well, as individuals and as a society. At the top of the list must surely be death… So it was a hell of a blow for Alan Ball to put on quite a show at a funeral home. And even more to open each episode of the drama with a death. Sometimes these deaths are heartbreaking; sometimes they are comically dark; sometimes they are just ordinary. But it worked. It’s always like that.


What do you do when the existential threat of climate change lands on your doorstep? In the first episode of this three-part series, we take a look at how families, communities and leaders in the Pacific face huge decisions about the future of their islands and try to determine if they can stay on their land. , or if they will be forced to leave.

Whole story

An impossible choice: when the existential threat of climate change arrives at your doorstep

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Farhad Bandesh made wine in Iran before he was forced to flee. He has now brought this ancient tradition to Australia. Lifestyle Editor-in-Chief Alyx Gorman recommends this story about one of the many ways asylum seekers and refugees are contributing to Australia’s food and wine culture for today’s episode of Australia Reads.

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The Taste of Freedom: A Kurdish Winemaker’s Journey from Manus Island to the Yarra Valley

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Rugby league’s immortal Norm Provan has passed away at the age of 89. “He was an idealized version of the ultimate player in the game – strong and tough, skillful and composed, dedicated and selfless. Except that this idealized version of man existed. He played and he was really phenomenal, ”writes Nick Tedeschi.

Media overview

The world of dreams is sue engineer who certified the Thunder River Rapids ride to be safe just a day before the disaster that killed four tourists, reports the Mail Mail. A woman was arrested after allegedly pretending to be a doctor and distribute over 600 bogus exemptions for Covid testing, vaccinations and mask wearing, according to the Brisbane Times.


Judgment is due today in an NSW vaccine warrant testing case.

And if you’ve read this far …

Actor Daniel Craig revealed he frequented gay bars to avoid the “aggressive cock swing” of straight spaces.

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NEW YORK, October 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Launched today, Kering and Phaidon are proud to present Made by a woman: great creative women. This comprehensive new book shines a light on women of the past, present and future, and their contributions to the design of furniture, textiles, products and lighting. Aiming to inspire and educate the next generation of designers, this partnership will offer free content and resources on the new online platform: www.thewomanmade.com. The programming will also include a series of panels at academic design institutions in United States, and a scholarship to support an undergraduate student for the next school year.

Phaidon, made of woman

The multi-faceted platform will be enriched with exclusive content from the book, including a full register of 200 designers, Q&A with designers; Aljoud Lootah, Anna karlin, Dina Nur Satti, Faye Toogood, Hella Jongerius, Lindsey Adelman, and Kim colin, and three filmed visits to designers’ studios Mette Hay, Rosie Li, and Mimi Shodeinde. In an effort to connect and inspire young design students, Tennessee State University, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) will host design conferences led by designers Lani Adéoye, Patricia urquiola, and Nada Debs, respectively.

To strengthen their commitment to the future and sustainability of women in design, Kering will present the Women on the move scholarship, a price of up to $ 25,000 to support an outstanding undergraduate female designer currently enrolled in an accredited university in United States. The scholarship will benefit a student whose program is focused on product, furniture, textiles or lighting design, and support their tuition and fees for the 2022-2023 academic year. Applications will be open from November, 1st, 2021.

“We are delighted to partner again with Phaidon on a platform that celebrates women in the arts. Woman made turns the storyline on what is historically a patriarchal industry and highlights the most extraordinary objects made by women over the past 100 years. This partnership is a testament to Kering’s continued commitment to the empowerment of women and aligns perfectly with our Women on the move program. Through this initiative, we not only honor the contributions of talented women, but also provide a platform to educate and inspire others. »- Laurent Claquin, President of Kering Americas

The sequel to Phaidon’s bestseller,


Woman Made: Great Creative Women

, Written by

, PhD, covers four design categories – products, furniture, textiles and lighting – and showcases the work of more than 200 designers from more than 50 countries around the world.

“Phaidon is proud to champion the work of pioneering women in product design around the world. Following the resounding success of Great women artists in 2019, we are thrilled to partner with Kering to further highlight the profound impact women have had and continue to have in the creative arts. Keith fox, CEO of Phaidon

Woman made is a celebration; an attempt to expand the places and institutions to which we turn for design. Thanks to Phaidon and Kering for amplifying the message of the book. I hope readers will find joy in an amazing creation story. “- Jane hall, author of Woman made

On sale for $ 59.95 departure October 13, 2021, Woman Made: Great Creative Women is the most comprehensive and fully illustrated book on women product designers ever published. For more information, please visit thewomanmade.com.

About Women on the Move

Kering’s commitment to women is at the heart of the Group’s priorities and extends through Women In Motion to the field of art and culture, where gender inequalities are still glaring while creation is one of the most powerful drivers of change.

In 2015, Kering launched Women In Motion at the Festival de Cannes with the aim of highlighting women in cinema, in front of and behind the camera. Since then, the program has been expanded to include the fields of photography, art, literature, choreography and design. Through its Awards, the program rewards both inspiring personalities and talented young women, while its Talks offer the opportunity for leading personalities to share their perspective on the representation of women in their profession.

For seven years, Women In Motion has been a platform of choice to help change mentalities and reflect on the place and recognition of women in artistic fields.

About Kering

A global luxury group, Kering manages the development of a series of renowned fashion, leather goods, jewelry and watchmaking houses: Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Boucheron, Pomellato, DoDo, Qeelin, Ulysses Nardin, Girard-Perregaux, as well as Kering Eyewear. By placing creativity at the heart of its strategy, Kering enables its Houses to set new limits on their creative expression while shaping the luxury of tomorrow in a sustainable and responsible manner. We capture these beliefs in our signature: “Empowering Imagination”. In 2020, Kering had more than 38,000 employees and sales of 13.1 billion euros.

About Phaidon

Phaidon is the world’s leading creative arts publisher with over 1,500 titles in print. They work with the world’s most influential artists, chefs, writers and thinkers to produce innovative books on art, photography, design, architecture, fashion, food and travel, as well as illustrated books. for children. Phaidon is headquartered at London and New York City.


Kering (United States)
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Arab Fashion Week returns with physical events https://style-palazzo.com/arab-fashion-week-returns-with-physical-events/ https://style-palazzo.com/arab-fashion-week-returns-with-physical-events/#respond Tue, 12 Oct 2021 09:30:44 +0000 https://style-palazzo.com/arab-fashion-week-returns-with-physical-events/

Arab Fashion Week will include physical catwalks when it returns this month.

The five-day event will feature a full in-person program, starting with the Fashion Icon Awards on October 24. The ‘pink carpet’ gala will host celebrities, media and influencers, although it has not yet been revealed who will receive the award. year.

The Spring / Summer 2022 Arab Fashion Week for Women will be held in the Dubai Design District and will feature regional and international designers from the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Philippines, United States, Colombia, Poland, Switzerland and France.

Participating brands include Amato, Michael Cinco, Ihab Jiryis, Yara Bin Shakar, Autonomie, Blssd, Glory Ang, Emergency Room and Zeena Zaki. All shows will be streamed live via Facebook.

The event’s organizer, the Arab Fashion Council, will build on its partnership with the French Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion.

After a successful activation of the Arab Fashion Council in Paris this season, three designers from Paris Fashion Week will showcase their collections at Arab Fashion Week, including Germanier, Weinsanto and Ester Manas.

During this time, Aramex, official logistics partner of the event, will partner with the Egyptian label Autonomie to present an exclusive capsule collection of sustainable pieces created from Aramex shipping equipment. Epson will showcase its digital innovation technology through a collaboration with Michael Cinco.

“Arab Fashion Week – Women’s Spring Summer 2022, powered by the Arab Fashion Council and a series of world-class partners, is a demonstration of the shared vision and commitment to the principles of equality and advancement for talent. creatives of the region.

“With d3, we are positioning Dubai at the epicenter of the Middle East fashion industry,” said Jacob Abrian, Founder and CEO of the Arab Fashion Council.

Arab Fashion Week October 2020 – in pictures

Update: October 12, 2021 9:43 a.m.

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Runners Win In Exciting Fashion On Morehead State https://style-palazzo.com/runners-win-in-exciting-fashion-on-morehead-state/ https://style-palazzo.com/runners-win-in-exciting-fashion-on-morehead-state/#respond Mon, 11 Oct 2021 02:20:36 +0000 https://style-palazzo.com/runners-win-in-exciting-fashion-on-morehead-state/

The Murray State women’s football team took the 1-0 victory over Morehead State on Sunday afternoon at Cutchin Field in Murray, Ky. Chloe Barnthouse dramatically marked in the 88e minute on a double assist from Rebecca Kubin and Morgan bodker to ensure the victory of the Racers.

A strong defensive backline of Camille Barbier, Audrey Henri, Saraya Young, and Izzy Heckman allowed just five shots in total for the Eagles. Jenna Villacres saved all four shots on goal for Morehead State to pick up the clean sheet for the Racers.

“These full backs are the four full backs who went 9-1 in the spring, so we know they play well together and are well trained at what they do.” Coach Matt lodge said: “I thought Jenna was keeping everything clean and we didn’t really look like we were about to concede.”

Barnthouse scored his fourth goal of the season to tie him with Lauren Payne on top of Racer goals over the season. Bodker collected his fifth assist of the season and Kubin his third assist of the year.

This is the Racers’ second shutout of the season and the first at Cutchin Field.

The win gave Murray State some much-needed momentum ahead of their fight against SIUE on Thursday (Oct. 14) in what will be a match between the OVC preseason first and second place picks.

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PXG Apparel presents its new fall / winter 2021 collection https://style-palazzo.com/pxg-apparel-presents-its-new-fall-winter-2021-collection/ https://style-palazzo.com/pxg-apparel-presents-its-new-fall-winter-2021-collection/#respond Sat, 09 Oct 2021 20:08:00 +0000 https://style-palazzo.com/pxg-apparel-presents-its-new-fall-winter-2021-collection/

PXG presented its new fall / winter collection alongside the opening of a new store in Dallas.

Renee Parsons, President and Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel, added more colourways to complement her modern designs with an emphasis on fashion and lifestyle looks. Parsons welcomed the new collection at their Dallas store grand opening with a cocktail party and fashion show.

PXG has its traditional base colors of black, white, and gray, but this season the company has added camel and two types of greens. They introduced Warrior Green and Sage Green.

PXG founder Bob Parsons previously said, “No one makes golf clubs like we do. Period. ”At the company’s big opening night in Dallas, Parsons joked,“ No one makes clothes like us, period. If that thing isn’t first class, we don’t sell it.

PXG prides itself on its attention to detail and high quality in clubs and apparel. Renee Parsons was thrilled to bring Eco-Leather to the line’s collection in a bomber jacket for men and women. This leather is eco-friendly, vegan, water repellent and machine washable.

Men’s Classic PXG Eco-Leather Jacket – $ 525. (PXG)

PXG officials insisted they wanted to design this collection to represent life after the pandemic. These looks are made for the class, but also for everyday life. All pieces are made from Italian fabrics designed to stretch and stay comfortable all day long. This collection is by far the most avant-garde from PXG to date.

We occasionally recommend interesting products, services and gaming opportunities. If you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links, we may earn an affiliate fee. Golfweek operates independently, however, and this does not influence our coverage.

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Shanghai’s largest trade show plans expansion beyond Fashion Week – WWD https://style-palazzo.com/shanghais-largest-trade-show-plans-expansion-beyond-fashion-week-wwd/ https://style-palazzo.com/shanghais-largest-trade-show-plans-expansion-beyond-fashion-week-wwd/#respond Fri, 08 Oct 2021 12:45:00 +0000 https://style-palazzo.com/shanghais-largest-trade-show-plans-expansion-beyond-fashion-week-wwd/

LONDON – Ontimeshow, the biggest fashion show during Shanghai Fashion Week, has ambitions beyond its biannual show business.

An instant step in its plan is to expand its functions as a fashion storefront and showroom. This season, he took over Tank Shanghai, a contemporary art space converted from oil tanks and a short walk from its main site on the West Bund, to meet growing demand from local designers.

Yeli Gu, founder of Ontimeshow, said they had just signed another five-year strategic partnership with West Bund to help the region strengthen its positioning as the city’s burgeoning art and design district. . In return, Ontimeshow gradually extends its presence to the desired location.

A short drive from downtown Shanghai, the West Bund is home to some of the city’s most prominent art museums, such as the West Bund Museum, which has a five-year partnership with the Center Pompidou in Paris. , as well as the Yuz Museum and the Long Museum, which have done exhibitions and fashion shows with Gucci and Dior, respectively.

Ontimeshow Lounge

This season, West Bund is also offering the majestic dome-shaped Dream Center exhibition space for designers, with the Ontimeshow RoomRoom showroom showcasing their spring 2022 collections.

The lineup includes the first Chinese Fashion Fringe winner Haizhen Wang, the first Chinese Woolmark Qiuhao winner, Susan Fang and Xiao li, LVMH Prize finalists, and Angel Chen, who rose to prominence internationally with the reality show. from Netflix’s ‘Next in Fashion’.

Fang, who moved to Shanghai from London due to the pandemic, said Ontimeshow had provided support throughout the process. She’s built a money tree with purple crystals as leaves in her exhibit space at RoomRoom, and she’s ready for her show on Sunday.

“This is our first season of working with RoomRoom and they have been a great support to both the show and our showroom, whether it is a very experienced sales assistant or ‘a nice space to organize ourselves. Even though we need enough time to build the place, which is a 3000 square meter theater, they really supported us as much as they could, ”she added.

The Susan Fang Showroom in the RoomRoom of Ontimeshow during Shanghai Fashion Week

Susan Fang’s showroom in the Ontimeshow RoomRoom during Shanghai Fashion Week.

Other brands to watch this season at Ontimeshow include Annakiki, By Fang, Deepmoss, Evening, Judyhua, Masha Ma, Renli Su, Roderic Wong, Sweetpotato Chiu, Wan Yi Fang and Yingpei Studio.

Will Zhang, founder of Chongqing-based fashion boutique SND, said Ontimeshow has become a place for him to discover new brands, especially during the pandemic, when it makes more sense to buy local than to buy local. buy in Paris or Milan.

Joyce Wang, owner of the Chengdu concept store, said of Ontimeshow, “Its display every season is quite artistic and interesting. It shows the beauty of fashion in a diverse way so that people don’t feel here just to do business which also provides me with a lot of inspiration and creative ideas to run my store.

Ontimeshow now generates an average of over 3 billion renminbi, or $ 465 million, in orders per season. Last season, 217 brands were showcased with Ontimeshow, and some 24,600 people visited the show. Fashion brand 13DE Marzo received more than 90 million renminbi, or $ 14 million, in orders that season.

Exterior of the Ontimeshow lounge

Exterior of the Ontimeshow lounge

It has also expanded into the pre-fall and resort seasons to cater for this booming market. Ontimeshow organized its first summer edition at the end of June. More than 2,350 buyers visited the curated showcase of 32 brands. Half of the brands sold resort collections.

In addition to targeting the professional audience, Ontimeshow has teamed up this season with Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, to expand online. All shows will be broadcast live on the platform.

The two also collaborated on a talent search project alongside the Chinese edition of Nylon magazine, fashion boutique On / Off and cashmere supplier Sanddriver. The finalists are Acradetoken, Cheng Cheng, Donsee10, Nan Knits, Nildet, Outdoger, The Utterance, Artchi, Monsecret and Mandarin Zan Club.

It has also formed a strategic partnership with the Chinese social commerce platform Xiaohongshu on the “Red 100” project. Brands will be able to sell direct to consumers on Xiaohongshu starting today, at the start of the show.

They are also hosting a fashion fair during Fashion Week, where industry experts will interact with some 24 designers from the show and offer the platform audience a glimpse of their new season collections. At the same time, Xiaohongshu will share data with designers on target audiences and help them reach more targeted audience.

Exterior of Yangqingli

The exterior of Yanqing Li.

But what Ontimeshow is really betting on for growth is its Yuanmu investment vehicle and long-term partnership with Bailian Group, Shanghai’s largest commercial property owner, on the fashion incubation project. Yanqing Li, a 67,000 square foot warehouse conversion. overlooking the Suzhou River and the city’s Bulgari Hotel. The Bailian group acquired a 10% stake in Ontimeshow at the end of 2019.

A dozen designers – like Helen Lee, OOAK, Roderic Wong, and Haizhen Wang – have set up studios in Yanqingli. There are also communication agencies, fashion education providers and exhibition spaces, forming a mini ecosystem of the fashion industry that benefits each other.

Ontimeshow also launched the Out of Stock 0909 retail concept. As the name suggests, it aims to help designer and partner brands clear off-season inventory.

Since entering the market eight years ago under the encouragement of Shanghai Fashion Week Vice Secretary Lv Xiaolei, Gu said that during her journey in the salon business, she has become realized that Ontimeshow could play a much bigger role in the Chinese fashion industry.

“With trade shows, you see where the market is going. I quickly realized that in order to grow we need to connect the dots along the value chain and help our designers grow as a business. Many of them have never run a business or even worked in a professional environment before launching their brands. What we can do is make sure they get the right support, no matter what stage the brand is at.

Qiuhao Spring Collection 2022, presented as part of the Ontimeshow fashion display line

Qiuhao Spring Collection 2022, presented as part of the Ontimeshow fashion display line

“With the support of Bailian and the West Bund, we are able to reduce operating costs for designers throughout the year. And with RoomRoom and our investment arm Yuanmu, we are able to get to the root of the problem within companies and free designers from day-to-day operations so they can focus on creating great designs, ” she said, adding that Haizhen Wang is an example of how incubation unfolds.

Since receiving the investment from Ontimeshow, the brand’s annual revenue has jumped 600% in two years. Gu also revealed that Yuanmu will unveil a new round of fashion brand investments at the end of this year.

Looking ahead, Gu said, “Our ultimate goal is to become an open and inclusive designer brand incubation and management platform. We hope that as we grow stronger season after season, our designers can take an easier path to success and one day become a brand with global influence.


China adopts Resort collections as demand increases

British Fashion Council expands partnership strategy with China with Ontimeshow

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