David Gandy’s Wellwear loungewear for home work

From the face of Dolce & Gabbana to the most recognizable embodiment of Marks & Spencer, David Gandy, arguably the world’s most powerful male model, has turned to creating his own brand of luxuriously comfortable loungewear for the work of dystopia from home that we ended up thanks to the pandemic. Drawing on his decades of modeling experience for some of the biggest menswear brands on the planet, Gandy recently told Augustman contributor Cezar Greif, “It’s about style, quality and cutting. “

We made the crew loose, we made the Heritage-T with a pocket, different ribs, a V-neck, etc. You can’t please everyone, but we try to please everyone. With the quality and softness that we use, I think we’ve created something very, very special. – Gandy to Augustman Greif contributor for November 2021

Editor’s personal favorite: Heritage sweatshirt ticks all of those boxes and has a useful little utility pocket so you can wear it all day. Think of it as a disguised loungewear item. David Gandy photographed by Charlie Gray on the River Thames, London, England. He also wears Persol and Bvlgari Octo Roma sunglasses

A collection of ultra-easy-to-wear jersey pieces designed with comfort and style in mind, Gandy’s Wellwear offers a lifestyle that men themselves embrace. Stretch T-shirts, a perfect fit every time, perfect for that casual look under a Ralph Lauren leather overcoat or blazer, or also at home (no pun intended) as a work essential from the living room, it’s simply a nomcore (a trendy fashion characterized by unpretentious, average-looking clothing) aesthetic interpreted by a gentleman who undoubtedly has one of the most organized looks on the planet.

Having said that, Wellwear loungewear is anything but “average”, the gorgeous jersey sweater robe in deep navy blue and piped in white is anything but “average” – extremely comfortable and a tragedy that no one else. considered as the material before Gandy, the model-turned-entrepreneur directly targets the booming well-being market. Indeed, at a time when a pandemic has completely changed the concept of the workplace and home space, Wellwear offers discerning fitness fanatics pieces that are easy to wear to, from and at the gym or to meet the needs of the gym. evolved self-appeal, taking 10 minutes for burpees between Zoom meetings to alleviate the annoyance of lockouts and movement restrictions.

Gandy in his Wellwear Ultimate Loopback Hoody and off-white cotton drawstring pants. David Gandy photographed by Charlie Gray on the River Thames, London, England. He also wears a charcoal gray navy overcoat by Dolce & Gabbana, chunky Tod’s and Bvlgari Octo Roma boots.

Showcasing a range of tactile pieces, the collection includes essentials, from t-shirts, sweatshirts and jogging bottoms, to bombers, vests and bathrobes redesigned with sweat-resistant jersey. Optimal comfort was the main priority, but it is the use of innovative manufacturing that makes the range truly unique. “We looked at what the success of M&S has been, and it was comfort, softness and quality. So we checked everything. We manufacture it in Portugal. We make it more durable, we have added the Wellwear, Wellwear care briefs, which are washed properties in the clothes. We have added aloe vera in the pajamas, antibacterial, anti-odorant, so you don’t have to wash clothes. The production of clothing is terrible for the environment. We need everyone to wear more things, buy less in many ways. Washing it all the time wears out your clothes, and then there’s also the amount of water used.

Check out David Gandy’s full interview for more photos and take a look at David Gandy’s Wellwear collection here. Gandy saw it Thames Limousine, London’s first private limousine, check out their instagram.

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