Dior’s Travis Scott and Kim Jones discuss their historic Cactus Jack Dior collection

Travis Scott is on the cover of another magazine The fall / winter ’21 issue was adorned with the clothes he designed for his next collaboration with Dior.

The international haute couture and culture publication paired Scott with Dior’s male artistic director Kim Jones for the cover story. In the interview, Scott and Jones discuss their collaborative capsule collection and what it was like to work together. It was initially Jones’ idea to research the Astromonde rapper, who went on to become King Meidas of fashion, music, food and drink collaborations.

“I have always collaborated with artists. This time I thought to myself, why not a musician? Jones explained in the cover story. “Creating is a collective effort, and let’s be honest, a creative director has a whole team of creatives. You can’t accomplish your ambitions for a house like this if you do it alone. It’s not about talent or fame, but if someone produces something that I think is cool, I want to interact with them.

Jones met Scott six years ago, when he was working as a menswear manager at Louis Vuitton. The two then crossed paths when Scott modeled the Louis Vuitton Air Jordan collaboration at the house’s menswear show in Miami in December 2019. But Jones wanted to work with Scott on a full collection, and the feeling was mutual for La Flame. . The result is the Spring / Summer 2022 Cactus Jack Dior – the first Dior collection created with a musician or record company.

“This is the first time that a luxury house has collaborated with a musician and involved them in the entire creation process,” Jones said. “Travis knew exactly what he wanted. He understands what young people want, knows how to seduce them. He also knows what the brand is talking about. We wanted it to be Dior with the Travis element at the top.

Scott admits Jones’s involvement is what intrigued him about the opportunity. “Kim is a friend of mine. I probably wouldn’t do this if he wasn’t involved, ”Scott said. “He’s such an inspiration. I was a fan even when I was in college, so it’s crazy to work with him. Going to the workshop and watching things being sewn and hand made, that was crazy.

The summer delivery includes silk and wool satin blazers with Cactus Jack embroidery by Dior, a sleeveless Cactus Jack cashmere sweater, wool coats with satin lapels and soutache embroidery, jersey boat neck t-shirts cotton with Cactus Jack print, a gold finish brass brooch, white crystal Cactus Jack belts, silk and wool flared pants, and many more items inspired by Scott’s Texan roots and Christian’s first visit Dior in America.

Discover some of the items from the Cactus Jack Dior collection below:

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