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Eid 2022: All about fun, fashion and family

This year there is an extra dose of festivity around Eid al-Fitr. Excitement, chaos and joy are palpable in the bustling streets and bazaars and in homes busy preparing elaborate dawats (feasts) after two lackluster Eids. People are making the most of the calm that has returned to their lives after two long years of the pandemic.

The streets adorned with golden fairy lights and colorful lamps burst into life at the start of Ramadan, teeming with enthusiastic crowds shopping, eating, enjoying and preparing to welcome this long-awaited festival. The ritual of shopping, dressing up and going to relatives for Eidi and treats is back.

We spoke to four top influencers to find out how they plan to celebrate this Eid and what their OOTD will be.

This Eid, Nida is wearing a dress from
her latest collection—Madame Marigold

Nida Mahmoud

Nida Mahmoud, a fashion designer, artist and interior designer, also called “the queen of kitsch” for her quirky designs, is excited to get out and meet her family.

“Eid is a time when our family comes together in one place to celebrate, share details of our respective lives, find ‘sukoon’ in each other’s presence, eat and laugh for a reason or no reason,” Mahmood said speaking to DH.

This Eid, she is wearing a dress from her latest collection, Madame Marigold. An Ajrakh print mullet hem tunic paired with emerald colored dupatta and tasteful potli. For jewelry, Mahmood’s choice is Polki diamonds encrusted in traditional Awadhi-style earrings. As a signature finishing touch, the designer wears purple and pink roses in her hair to complete the look.

For this year’s Eid style statement,
Afreen chose a summery yellow
A-line dress embellished with cutout dana

Afren Sayed

Journalist and content creator Afren Sayed which has 141,000 subscribers on Instagram, tackles relevant and sensitive topics with humor. She is also passionate about fashion and beauty.

She spoke to DH about her family’s Eid day routine.

“Everyone wakes up in the morning and wears new clothes; while women pray Eid namaaz at home, male family members go out to pray at the mosque,” ​​Sayed told DH. “Eid 2022 is particularly exciting as we will be visiting loved ones and receiving Eid from the elders!”

For this year’s Eid style statement, she chose a summery yellow A-line dress embellished with dana coupé (embroidery with bugle beads) and intricate thread work, giving it a dreamy appeal. She pairs the dress with a palazzo in the same shade and a shimmering dupatta. She chose dazzling chandelier earrings for jewelry and a bracelet that does her outfit perfect justice.

Hussain’s Beautiful Block Print Cotton Anarkali Outfit
with traditional patterns was designed by his mother

Sarah Hussain

Sarah Hussain, also known as Zingy Zest, is a leading food and lifestyle blogger from Delhi. She loves to eat and travel and has successfully given two TedX talks. His latest reel surpassed 10 million views. Speaking of the festival, she seemed a little dismayed at the thought of not being able to watch a Salman Khan film.

“Watching his Eid release movies with cousins ​​has become a tradition,” Hussain said. However, the thought of biryani, pure khurma, and the possibility of sharing it with her family and friends comforted her.

Hussain opted for a clean and minimalist look, true to herself. Her beautiful cotton-printed Anarkali outfit in traditional patterns was designed by her mother, who runs a boutique in Nizamuddin West.

Anah’s Eid OOTD is a gorgeous and elegant teal
together with striking silver embroidery


Anah, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur and fashion and lifestyle blogger with 965,000 Instagram followers, is eager to give Eidi to her young cousins. “Now that I’m an adult and, mashallah, I have my own business, it’s my turn to give Eidi to the little ones,” Anah said.

Anah’s Eid 2022 OOTD is a beautiful and elegant teal ensemble with striking silver embroidery details mixed with patterns on the front of the outfit and the dupatta.

(The author is a writer and art director. She is currently working on the first draft of her first book alongside other creative projects)