EU seeks to lower fashion sustainability standards

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Making fashion more sustainable may soon become more than just talk. The European Union shared part of its vision for a greener industry on Wednesday, which included proposed new design standards that would make goods easier to repair and recycle.

More on point: The proposal also includes mandatory minimums for recycled content, as well as “digital passports” that tout a product’s sustainability credibility on the street.

  • Companies would also face tougher regulations around greenwashing, transparency and the status of clothes when they can’t be sold.

“Until now, textiles have been under the radar,” Maria Luisa Martinez Diez, director of public affairs for Global Fashion Agenda, told Business of Fashion. “It is the EU that is paving the way for the rest of the world.” (Although it may take some time for these proposals to turn into legislation.)

The big picture: The rest of the world, while watching, is also doing its part. New York State is considering the Fashion Act, a sweeping sustainability bill that would, in part, require companies with annual revenue of more than $100 million to map at least 50% of their supply chain.—KM