Fashion Commission to welcome GFX to Saudi capital

RIYAD – The Fashion Commission hosts the Global Fashion Exchange (GFX), the renowned international platform for promoting sustainability in the fashion industry as part of the United Nations SDG campaign, which will host for the first time its acclaimed clothing swap event in Riyadh. one of the Fashion Futures activations.

The GFX Fashion Swap will take place at the Personage concept store in Riyadh on December 11-12 and will facilitate the swap of slightly used and pre-loved fashion items in a dynamic in-store recycling experience that will be open to members of the media, industry and the public.

The exchange is based on a simple but effective concept; no money changes hands and everyone is invited. The GFX Fashion Swap empowers people to take positive action and support environmental conservation while actively participating in the recycling and upcycling of fashion items. The exchange will also include 45-minute one-on-one workshops with industry leaders, several designer stations focused on customization, and educational facilities to create a comprehensive and vibrant store experience that explores the elements of sustainability in everyday life.

“The Fashion Commission is honored to host the Global Fashion Exchange which will be held for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The activation of GFX aims to change the mindset not only of brands, but also of consumers towards sustainable consumption and encourages a more sustainable perception in the future ”, said Noura Bint Faisal Al Saud, Managing Director of integration of ecosystems and program delivery.

Attendees will be able to donate fashion items to Personage Riyadh for inclusion in the swap during the event’s pre-collection days from December 5-10. Items deposited during the pre-collection period will be considered a donation.

The fashion swap, which takes place on December 11 and 12, will require attendees to pre-purchase tickets and reserve their time slot through TicketMix. Those wishing to participate in the swap must bring at least one clean and undamaged fashion item to their fashion swap meeting to contribute to the common pool of items. Each submitted item will be reviewed for quality assurance with a token returned to the owner in its place. These tokens will be used as currency for the event, as the swap is 1 to 1, and can be used during “check-out”.

During the two-hour time slot, attendees will have the opportunity to explore event facilities, designer stations and workshops that will address pressing themes and topics around sustainability in the clothing industry. fashion.

Moving away from unnecessary fast fashion cycles, the GFX Fashion Swap will focus on swapping mid to high-end fashion items designed for longevity. Exemplary brands include Zimmermann, Sandro, The Kooples, Maje, Zadig & Voltaire, Isabel Marant and All Saints. To ensure a satisfying and enjoyable experience, event protocol will require that all submitted items be well maintained, clean and ironed.

“We engage Saudi consumers with sustainable consumption models for fashion. We want to show that fashion is not just about shopping and that there are many other ways to satisfy customers’ interest to be fashionable in a fun way. Exchanging in a fun environment with entertainment and emphasizing style with second-hand and vintage products creates new habits for people. Keep the products longer in use. Reduce the need to produce more products, ”said Burak Cakmak, CEO of Fashion Commission.

The GFX Swap Shop represents the latest development of the Fashion Commission as they continue to spearhead the growth of the Kingdom’s fashion industry. Riyadh Fashion Exchange Event Marks First Time Global Fashion Exchange has visited Saudi Arabia; presenting the Kingdom’s vision for the promotion of an avant-garde fashion industry based on the foundations of sustainable development.

“We are delighted to be part of a movement towards sustainable and regenerative fashion with Princess Noura. Together, for the very first time, we will educate, improve and create a community around an idea of ​​sharing items in our closets to extend their lifespan. By consciously renewing our wardrobes, we can create a positive impact on people and the planet while doing it in a stylish and exciting new way, ”Cakmak said.

Guests of GFX Riyadh will also experience the best of local and international design focused on sustainable and regenerative techniques, learn from industry leaders how they can make an impact, and meet new friends who are also passionate about the idea of ​​rendering. the world a better place. – SPA