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Why don’t all women wear hats, right? They’re extremely stylish, add flair to your outfit, and they’re like having a crown on your head (but without the jewelry, of course). Many women dread wearing a hat because they haven’t found the right hat for them yet. However, they are extremely useful if you are having a bad hair styling day; you get a fantastic look without spending a lot of effort controlling chaotic hair strands. There are certain rules for wearing a hat, as there are many types of hats and each one is suitable for a certain outfit, style or occasion. In this guide, you will learn how to wear women’s hats correctly and look majestic effortlessly.

When to wear a hat

In the old days, it was frowned upon that a woman did not wear a hat outside. Nowadays, women are free to go out without a hat, but on some occasions it is advisable to wear a hat. A beanie is a great choice in cold weather because you need to keep your head warm. In the past, it was necessary that women wear hats to churches or other religious places, this “rule” is still valid today but is not applied today. A hat was a must have for any woman who wanted to attend a race, especially horse racing. Although women are no longer required to wear hats at the races, most still do. It always depends on the type of race, but a hat should be worn for this occasion. Weddings are the perfect time and place to wear a hat that goes well with your accessories such as your shoes or your purse.

Types of hats

There are endless types of hats, some of which are derived from other types. We will list the most common and wide categories of hats and how to wear them. Fedora hats were originally men’s clothing and that’s why they have a masculine feel. However, when paired with feminine outfits, they create a unisex balance. Fedora hats are pulled down from the front to reach above the brow line. They are suitable for casual wear and can be worn in winter or in milder climates. Panama hats and trilby hats are derived from fedora hats; the former is made of natural fibers while the latter has a shorter brim than the fedora hat. If you are aiming for a “French” style, berets are your best option.

The berets are borderless with a band to hold the head and this type of hats for women is generally casual but may work well with some dressy looks. There is no one “right” way to wear a beret, because you can experiment with it until you are happy with your look. Bells are bell-shaped hats that can be made from different materials. They can be informal or formal depending on their construction and the materials used. To wear it properly, the hat must be lowered so that your head fits most of it. Other types of hats include:

  • Cups: generally casual
  • Newsboy cap: works well with outfits influenced by men
  • Bucket: go for casual or chic-casual outfits
  • Boater: semi-formal
  • Turban or wrap: they are becoming trendy and go well with casual and formal outfits
  • Fascinators: they are formal and perfect for special events

The hat label

Yes, there is a tag for hats, as they were an integral part of women’s clothing in the past. You need to make sure that your hat is securely fastened to your head so that it does not cause you any inconvenience. Otherwise, you will have to continue to hold it and protect the people around you from the flying hats. It is essential to wear a hat that matches your face shape. For example, round faces require hats with flowers or any decoration to lengthen the face. Ornaments and pins should be placed on the right side of hats for women according to the label, while men should put decorations or accessories on the left side of their hat. Fashion hats should not be worn with evening dresses or cocktail dresses; types of hats suitable for such dresses are veils, fascinators, cocktail hats, turbans, headbands or fancy combs.

Knowing when and how to wear a hat is not just about etiquette, but also rocking any outfit you wear with that garment. Hats come in different sizes and shapes so don’t worry about trying different and experimenting with them until you find the right one. Make sure to find a hat that matches the shape of your head and enhance your outfits with some cool and sparkling hats.

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