Five hyped facts about the new ‘Downton Abbey’ movie

The Crawley family is back on the big screen in ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era,’ which premieres Wednesday.

And along with the romance and drama of the film, there are some great fashions from the late 1920s.

Anna Robbins, who has designed the costumes for the cast since the TV series, returned for “A New Era” to dress the Dowager Countess, Lady Mary, Tom Branson and other familiar favorites in an array of elaborate period attire.

We first met the inhabitants of “Downton Abbey” in 1912, with the characters’ wardrobes changing over the years into the 1920s.

Now, with the second film set at the dawn of the 1930s, bigger style changes are in store for the Crawleys and their staff.

From a Vogue-inspired wedding dress to the very first “Downton” swimsuit moment, we’re sharing some of our favorite behind-the-scenes fashion facts from the set below.

Edith wears pants for the first time

Tuppence Middleton and Laura Carmichael
Edith, the Marchioness of Hexham (played by Laura Carmichael) makes a modern style statement in beige trousers during a trip to France.
Ben Blackal

Although Lady Sybil (played by Jessica Brown Findlay) wore a harem-style outfit in the TV series, trousers weren’t part of Crawley women’s wardrobes…until now.

As the 1930s approached, many modern women like Edith (played by Laura Carmichael) began to wear pants. Robbins was thrilled to find just the right look for her style reveal, which she called “the perfect moment” on Hello! May 2 print issue of the magazine.

“I found a beautiful pajama set for Edith and we put her in pants for the first time, which was beautiful,” the costume designer said.

Robbins also shared with Digital Spy that the vintage kimono jacket Edith wears with her cream wide leg pants inspired her to create the outfit.

“I knew as soon as I saw it that I could pair it with pants and point out that it’s taking on an amazing new look,” she said.

A ‘Downton’ character finally puts on a bathing suit

The family rocks casual looks while vacationing on the French Riviera.
Ben Blackal

Although we’ve seen beach scenes from ‘Downton Abbey’ in the past – like the heartwarming moment Ms. Hughes and Carson waded into the ocean holding hands – we’ve actually never seen one. characters wear a swimsuit.

In “A New Era,” the cast travels to the south of France for a summer vacation when the Dowager Countess (played by Dame Maggie Smith) inherits a Mediterranean estate — and that means swimwear and beachwear. sport.

“Tom is going swimming in the Mediterranean with Lucy in an all-in-one,” Robbins told Vogue UK of the franchise’s first swimsuit appearance.

The characters also sport sassy tennis looks, according to the costume designer.

‘Sportswear exploded in the 1930s,’ she said, adding, ‘You see Edith and Bertie, Lucy and Tom playing doubles together, and I found original pieces in a rich cream shade which the girls had to wear for the game – contrasting beautifully with the green of the villa lawn.”

There’s a Vogue-worthy wedding dress

Tom Branson and Lucy Smith get their ‘happily ever after’ in new ‘Downton Abbey’ movie.
Ben Blackal

After tragically losing his wife, Lady Sybil, Tom Branson (played by Allen Leech) finally found love again with Lucy Smith (Tuppence Middleton) in the first film “Downton Abbey”.

In “A New Era,” the new couple walk down the aisle, and it turns out their gorgeous wedding dress was inspired by a vintage fashion brilliance.

“When it came to designing Lucy’s wedding dress, I found a photo in a 1920s copy of Vogue that I recreated almost exactly,” Robbins told Vogue UK.

Featuring sheer three-quarter length sleeves, a boat neck, and silver thread embroidered flower design on a satin bodice, the drop-waist dress would have been an extremely fashion-forward look for its time.

“I wanted to make it look like Lucy would be able to lift her skirt and dance,” Robbins told Hello!, saying she wanted the dress to be different from the wedding dresses worn by the aristocratic “Downton” characters. .

Although Lucy’s dress was made for her funnier persona, Robbins told Vogue UK that Ms Branson’s new vintage veil – topped with a pearl and diamond tiara – was “more elaborate than any others”.

Hollywood style comes to Downton

Laura Haddock as Myrna in
Film star Myrna (played by Laura Haddock) brings glamor to the Yorkshire estate.
©Focus Features/Courtesy of Everet

Moviegoers are treated to ‘lavish and expensive designs’ when the cast of a silent film arrive to film at the Downton Abbey estate, and Robbins told Vogue UK she looks to Old Hollywood glamor for inspiration of her wardrobe.

“Myrna is inspired by Clara Bow and Louise Brooks, but I also looked at the wardrobes of Greta Garbo, Gloria Swanson and Lillian Gish when looking for pieces for her,” she said, adding that fans should keep an eye out for “fur stoles”. and Art Deco jewelry.

Laura Haddock, who plays silent film diva Myrna Dalgleish, told Radio Times she did her own research on the stars of the era, adding: “Norma Talmadge was the one I was really obsessed with.”

The movie stars’ Hollywood styles are quite a contrast to the outfits worn by their Downton counterparts, Robbins said, and she sourced some authentic pieces from the era, including a special pair of shoes for Myrna that must have been restored.

Chanel’s influence is everywhere

Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Laura Carmichael in
The characters wear gorgeous outfits on the French Riviera inspired by Chanel resort outfits of the time.
©Focus Features/courtesy Everett Collection

As the Crawleys travel to France, you’ll see their wardrobes shift from the deeper colors and heavier fabrics of a refined English estate to lighter, holiday-ready outfits.

“I studied a lot of Chanel photography in the south of France while designing the Crawleys’ slightly more relaxed holiday wardrobes,” Robbins told Vogue UK, adding that “Edith, in particular, embraces some of the bolder styles that were becoming popular.”

In addition to athletic pants and looks, expect cropped hems and the reintroduction of a more defined waistline as the characters head into the 1930s – and enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine.

“I’m always on the lookout for authentic, quirky vintage pieces that I can incorporate into costumes and the trip to France opened up a whole new range of pieces that wouldn’t feel out of place at Downton, but were a perfect fit for the French Riviera,” Robbins said. in Hello!

“Downton Abbey: A New Era” is in theaters now.