How Kaya Scodelario prepares for Fashion Awards eight and a half months pregnant

Going to an awards show is an unlikely event for an eight and a half month pregnant woman, but actress Kaya Scodelario was ready for the Fashion Awards in London. “I hope I won’t go into labor,” she said Vogue in a new video. “But if I do, [it] wouldn’t be the worst thing to show off glamorously at the workroom. Her husband was waiting near the Royal Albert Hall in London with the hospital bags, just in case.

But everything went well for Scodelario. She wore a silver Bora Aksu dress and Gina heels for a “pregnant nutcracker” vibe. “I didn’t want to do a stereotypical maternity dress, as you can see,” she says. “Certainly not for the British Fashion Awards. I wanted something fun and daring. Kate Moss is my idol, so I tried to imagine what she would wear to the Fashion Awards. The baby doll mini dress featured layers of metallic silver fabric and tulle, voluminous sleeves tied with shoulder bows and a plunging neckline (we think Moss would be proud). Scodelario layered the sparkle with dazzling platform shoes and Cartier jewelry. More is more at the Fashion Awards!

As makeup artist Gina Kane applied smoky eye makeup and nude lip and hairstylist Eamonn Hughes curled her hair in starlet-like waves, Scodelario recalled attending BAFTAs with the Skins casting in 2009. She and her co-star Hannah Murray went on to win the Radio Times Audience Award and realized that the show they were on had become a sensation. “We didn’t know how popular it was, especially internationally,” she says. On what sets UK award shows apart, Scodelario says: “UK award shows are fun; there’s more alcohol, ”she laughs. “I can’t drink tonight, so this will be my first sober awards show.”

As the glam team put the finishing touches on Scodelario’s look, which was styled by Leith Clark, the actor tried to make his plans for the evening. “I think I could turn into a pumpkin at midnight,” she said. But it depends on a particular person: “It depends on the baby, whether he wants to party or not.

Watch Scodelario prepare for the Fashion Awards above.

Director: Posy Dixon
Product: Liv Proctor
PD: Oscar Oldershaw
Publisher: Victoria Mortati
Producer: Vogue Nicola Pardy
Producer: Vogue Gabrielle Reich
Hair: Eamonn Hughes
Make-up: Gina Kane
Stylist: Leith Clark
Talent reservation: Mica Medoff
Talent Manager: Laura Shackley
Production manager: Emma Roberts
Production coordinator: Kit Fogarty
Post-production supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
Shot on location: Claridges London
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