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How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe for the Men in Your Life

“The clothes can be worn several times and last more than one season. That’s why we created this collection – I didn’t create anything trendy.

You’ve probably heard of a capsule wardrobe. The popular concept is to buy only clothes that will turn out to be timeless classics – outfits that you will wear again and again. Maybe you’ve already mastered it and built your own.

But if you’re like me, you might have a hard time convincing your partner of the idea. Mine will buy new clothes every year, only to get bored next season (and not to mention that our outfits are never coordinate).

Looking for more ways to procrastinate? We are with you. Come to our Fashion section.

I wanted to help her build her own capsule wardrobe, but I didn’t know where to start – I may have a good understanding of women’s fashion, but my knowledge of men’s fashion is abysmal.

So when I discovered Joseph & James, a Melbourne-based menswear brand offering a range of timeless masculine pieces, I knew it was the perfect place to start building a capsule wardrobe of quality for my partner.

About the label

Joseph & James was founded by proud Australian designer Gooreng Gooreng and South Sea Islander Juanita Page. “I’ve always wanted to be fashionable,” Juanita tells me. “My mom encouraged me to pursue a career that involves doing something I love.”

“What brought me into this world was the glamor and glitz behind fashion brands. I always wanted to have my own brand, but I thought I was designing wedding dresses,” she says.

“While studying fashion design, I noticed that everyone was focusing on women’s clothing, which made me wonder who the next generation of men’s designers would be. It sent me on a new trajectory in men’s fashion.

A few years later, Joseph & James was born, with the first collection launching in 2021. Juanita named the business after the middle names of two important men in her life – her father and her husband.

“They are both men of great honor,” says Juanita. “They do what they say they will and have great character – all the qualities I also wanted the brand to have.”

Talking about what sets the brand apart, Juanita tells me that it aims to “offer a unique perspective on a particular garment, whether it’s with the texture or color of the fabric, the silhouette or the details and trims.”

The style

Juanita’s brand is perfect for building a capsule wardrobe for that special man in your life, as it combines aspects of two main styles: streetwear and dress.

“I really liked marrying these two disciplines together,” says Juanita. “I love the tailored elements that go with the sartorial aspect of menswear, but I also love the wearable aspect of streetwear.”

“The fusion of these two disciplines is what sets Joseph & James apart. I want to put a little more art into functional menswear, but without being avant-garde. My goal is to provide a point of difference, a place where our customers can get something unique that also stands the test of time, both in quality and design.

Build a capsule wardrobe for your partner

Juanita says Joseph & James being a small brand with a limited collection, the whole range could be used as a capsule wardrobe.

“Creating this uniformity around [the clothes] was of great importance to me,” she says. “You can buy a pair of pants or two shirts and put them together, or take them back to clothes [he] has already.

“I wanted this cohesive look of clothes that speak to each other – it’s not clothes he’ll only wear once or can’t be worn with clothes he has at home.”

The range includes bespoke t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, trousers and jackets. The wool blend cropped pleated pant is a neutral caramel color, perfect for layering. Ask your partner to pair them with the black t-shirt, a thick cotton jersey with a back yoke.

Combine the outfit with the Coach jacket, designed with yarn-dyed stripes that incorporate the caramel color of the pants. Each of these pieces can be mixed and matched with other trousers, t-shirts, sweaters or jackets from the collection, making Joseph & James the ideal starting point to create a capsule wardrobe for your partner.

“One of our values ​​is to go after slow fashion and avoid the realm of overproduced fast fashion,” Juanita tells me.

“The clothes can be worn several times and last more than one season. That’s why we created this collection – I didn’t create anything trendy,” she says.

“Our ideology is to keep clothes for several seasons and encourage consumers to buy more consciously.”

To learn more about Joseph & James, visit here.