Senior ASU graduate to launch a sustainable fashion brand

April 27, 2022

Editor’s note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable spring 2022 graduates.

Her study abroad session may have been cut short due to the pandemic, but Macey Sierka will never forget the four weeks she spent in Paris and how it further fueled her passion to start her own. clothing company after graduation.

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Sierka will graduate in May with a degree in supply chain management from the WP Carey School of Business with a minor in fashion from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

During her study abroad experience, she took a course called “Business and Fashion in France” where she learned about the business side of the fashion industry from the perspective of fashion brands from luxury. She gained several views on fashion from her teachers who were knowledgeable in areas such as design, marketing, and forecasting.

“I’ve always loved clothing, but I really fell in love with the industry after this course,” Sierka said. “I spent countless hours window shopping and visiting fashion museums in Paris trying to absorb as much knowledge and inspiration as possible. one of the fashion capitals of the world was a dream, and it made me realize what I wanted to pursue as a career.

When applying to colleges, the Chandler, Arizona native focused heavily on applying to schools in California because she dreamed of living there. However, once she started comparing large public universities and small private schools, she realized that ASU had it all.

“What I loved about ASU was that I could take advantage of all the opportunities that attending a large public research university offered, but still had a small community to call home. me with Barrett, The Honors College,” Sierka said.

Along with finding her community, she appreciated ASU’s charter and genuine commitment to diversity.

“In high school, I attended many briefings and tours of colleges that claimed they valued diversity but had single-digit acceptance rates,” Sierka said. “Many of these schools admitted that they were able to hand-pick students in a way that they felt would make them look ‘the most diverse.’ What I’ve always loved about ASU, especially What I’ve been able to meet amazing people throughout my college career is that the university accepts every student for who they are – no one is excluded. For me, that’s true diversity.

Sierka started at WP Carey as a business entrepreneurship specialist with the goal of giving him a holistic understanding of business. However, after her first lesson, she discovered that it wasn’t exactly what she expected. In January 2020, she changed her major to Supply Chain Management as it is a highly ranked program.

“I not only ended up loving all of my classes, but I was able to study something more relevant than ever,” Sierka said. “It has been so exciting to discuss supply chain news with my professors who can provide such valuable insights on the subject.”

Sierka acknowledges that she was blessed with many amazing teachers throughout her time at ASU, but one class she won’t forget is her first supply chain class taught by the Professor Craig Carter.

“Before his course, I recognized that sustainability was the antithesis of capitalism,” Sierka said. “I have always believed that efforts to protect people and the planet are for profit. Its expertise in sustainability and the concept of triple bottom lineIn other words, focus not only on financial performance, but also on social and environmental impact. completely changed my perspective and made me realize that companies can actually improve their bottom line by acting ethically.

Sierka spent a lot of time developing her dissertation for Barrett, The Honors College, where she wrote a business plan for her brand of sustainable, luxury pajamas and loungewear. The inspiration for her thesis stems from Carter’s lesson on sustainability. She plans to emphasize the concept of the triple bottom line in building her sustainable business.

As she begins to take the next step in launching her brand, she reflects on her time at ASU and thinks she wouldn’t be prepared for this next venture if it weren’t for her experiences learning business and fashion and the people she met.

“Starting a business can be scary, but all the professors I worked with on my business plan, especially professors Katy Keane and Cindie Blackmer, encouraged me to pursue my dream,” Sierka said. “I am so proud to have graduated from a university that values ​​entrepreneurship and has encouraged me to pursue my passion, even if my postgraduate projects are somewhat unique.”

While at ASU, Sierka was awarded the New American University Scholar – President’s Award, Steve Brabec Scholarship, William Feldhorn Family Scholarship, and Study Abroad Office Scholarship.