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The 20 best men’s fashion on sale for Memorial Day 2021

It’s almost the (unofficial) start of summer. And you know what that means: sales! Lots and lots of ’em, covering everything from mattresses and household items to grooming essentials and menswear. We’re focusing on the latter here, but if you want to explore the vast array of savings Memorial Day weekend brings, you can do so here.

As with any gigantic shopping event, the biggest problem is not so much finding deals, but finding good offers. Who has time to sift through the thousands of “meh” menswear choices to identify the truly awesome options on sale right now? Well I do, I guess. Because that’s what I did, all in the service of putting you together with everything you need for the most stylish summer possible. Read on to see all 20 of them.

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Crew-neck cotton sweater in garter stitch

$ 64.50 $ 13.99 (78% off with code WEEKEND)

A good sweater at all costs, but a must-have at almost 80% off.

Cruisers – Turtle


$ 45.00 $ 31.98 (29% off)

Shades so good you won’t lose them for once. (But if you do, at least you can afford it.)

TKA Glacier Snap Neck sweater for men

The north face

$ 59.00 $ 35.40 (40% off)

Wear it on chilly nights now, and every day comes fall.

Striped cotton short-sleeved cardigan polo sweater

J Crew

$ 79.50 $ 36.99 (53% off with code WEEKEND)

I almost didn’t include this one just because I want it for myself. My loss, your gain, etc.

The modern Snap backpack

$ 78.00 $ 46.00 (41% off)

Because soon you will need a bag again.

French terry sweat shorts

Flint and tinder

$ 68.00 $ 47.98 (29% off)

Sweatshirts? Damn it, yeah.

Classic chore coat


$ 90.00 $ 60.00 (33% off)

A hell of a good price for a hell of a chore coat.

Unstructured blazer – Sand


$ 148.00 $ 74.00 (50% off)

The perfect back-to-work blazer, now half-shrunk.

Camp backpack


$ 110.00 $ 83.00 (25% off)

Withstand the elements, whether you’re heading to the office or just strolling around the neighborhood.

Fun Classic RL Prepster Shirt

Ralph Lauren polo shirt

$ 84.99

$ 110.00 $ 84.99 (23% off)

Most fun shirts are a bit too much. This one, however, is exactly the right amount.

ABC Pant Relaxed 34 “Warpstreme


$ 128.00 $ 89.00 (30% off)

I am honestly shocked that they are still in stock.

Sun Tans Buck


$ 130.00 $ 98.00 (25% off)

The perfect blend of rugged and casual.

License To Train Pant 29 “


$ 128.00 $ 99.00 (23% off)

For training! Or not.

Italian shirt with camp collar and floral print

$ 198.00 $ 119.00 (39% off)

The not-so-bold shirt that we can all wear this summer.

Polo Bear fleece sweatshirt

Ralph Lauren polo shirt

$ 148.00 $ 119.99 (19% off)

Never miss your chance in a discounted Polo Bear.

Canvas work jacket

Wanda Lephoto

$ 220.00 $ 132.00 (40% off)

Like the sun for your wardrobe.

Sneaker Royale


$ 179.00 $ 134.25 (25% off with code SUMMERFRIDAY)

Getting a pair of Greats on sale is pretty darn rare. Here is your dream photo.

New York slim jogging pants

Todd Snyder + Champion

$ 168.00

$ 188.00 $ 149.00 (20% off)

You don’t have to be New Yorker to rock them.

Brownstone Sweatpants (Nordstrom Exclusive)


$ 375.00 $ 225.00 (40% off)

Raised track pants. So hot right now.

Bolama Penny loafers

Armando Cabral

$ 504.00 $ 302.40 (40% off)

Investment grade moccasins for a little less investment.

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