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The idea of ​​men’s skirts is not a new idea, from a fashion point of view. Jean-Paul Gaultier started designing skirts for men in 1985. He wasn’t the only one who championed the idea of ​​men showing a little leg, other designers who introduced skirts for men include Vivienne Westwood , Giorgio Armani, Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne and a few others. And while we’ve seen celebrities as early as the late ’80s (Axl Rose, Robbie Williams, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode) wear skirts on stage, why have they suddenly become popular?

A brief history of men’s skirts

Fashion reflects society; it quickly becomes a snapshot of the cultural zeitgeist. Pick an item from any era, and it immediately informs someone of what happened in the political, socio-economic, and psychic life of that decade. You could argue that the increase in men’s skirts is a statement about gender fluidity, about the idea that fashion is genderless and can be used to celebrate one’s individuality as opposed to the idea of ​​’fitting in’. . During the lockdown, men began to wear sarongs as they offered comfort and style.

The point is that there have been men who have always preferred to wear a skirt. Back when I was working for a newspaper, an editor, a single dad of two boys, who one day showed up for work in one of his usually crumpled graphic tees, and instead of jeans, he paired the t-shirt with a skirt. Living in a subtropical climate, he was fed up with feeling like his lower half was constantly on fire, so he prepared a few basic skirts (elasticated waist, loose skirt and a simple side seam) and started wearing them. rotation. While he often looked up as he wore his skirts around town, he was practically left alone.

Men’s skirts can be found in almost every culture around the world. Like the aforementioned sarong, which is worn in Southeast Asia, here are a few more examples: there is Myanmar longyi, Madagascar has lamba, and samoan lavalava, which is a unisex skirt. In Western culture, men wore kilts for formal wear and as part of a military uniform. The British and American military both have kilts as part of their evening wear with tartan plaids specific to each branch of service.

Skirts for men today

Fast forward to now and we can throw praise or garbage at the people who apparently, in the blink of an eye, brought men’s skirts to the forefront of fashion. In 2015, Lebron James paired a little skirt with pants on his way to training. Harry Styles wore a skirt on the cover of Vogue magazine in 2020 and he’s worn skirts on and off the stage. Football player Odell Beckham Jr wore a kilt and vest at the 2019 Met Gala, Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins was seen wearing a lavalava. Lil Nas X wears skirts, and of course we can’t forget Dan Levy wearing skirts in Schitt Creek.

However, the most famous man in a skirt isn’t a celebrity, it’s Mark Bryan, an American robotic engineer based in Germany. Bryan documented his outfits on Instagram (@ markbryan911). With over 577,000 subscribers, her outfits resonated with so many people. Bryan has been interviewed in various newspapers and magazines. He said he started wearing heels when he and his girlfriend (now his wife) were dancing in college, and that evolved into wearing skirts and heels.

Sebastiaan Vermeulen’s Instagram account (@ nw5qs.sebastian) went viral after being featured on Men’s Health in her hand-sewn skirts.

Instagram’s #meninskirts hashtag brings up over 20,000 images of guys wearing skirts in their everyday lives. It also displays a few NSFW photos, so it might not be a good idea to stumble upon that rabbit hole at work.

Menswear designer Thom Browne created a unisex skirt for men consisting of an elegantly fitted blazer paired with a loose skirt. Celebrities who have worn Browne’s skirts include Odell Beckham Jr, Lil Uzi Vert, Dan Levy, Lebron James and Black widow / stranger things star David Harbor. Harbor was recently featured in GQ and said, “I really like the idea of ​​the skirt on a man.” He went on to say, “And with gender fluidity being what it is, I think what we’re really re-examining are gender roles in a societal structure. It’s very serious, but it’s also a lot of fun.

The why of skirts for men

And that brings us to the “why”, the reason why men adopt skirts and why they are so popular. In the GQ interview, Harbor touched on the fluidity of genres, and that’s a definite factor in why skirts have become so appealing to heteronormative and non-heteronormative people. Earlier in the article, we touched on how fashion can be used to immediately capture and reflect what’s going on in society. As society in general becomes more open to ideals of gender fluidity, fashion is shifting to become genderless. Vogue explored genderless fashion, genre fluidity and the future of fashion in a recent article. Referring to Harry Styles again, he was quoted as saying that when he chooses clothes, he chooses items that appeal to him no matter who they were originally designed for – male or female. His criterion is simply whether he likes her or not.

When Dan Levy wore skirts Schitt Creek, it was a combination of wearing what he loved and a subtle statement of who he was. Fashion is clothing, but it is also more than a “just shirt”. Fashion tells the world how you see yourself, where you are psychically and mentally. Fashion is socio-economic, it is also a personal and ambitious statement. Remember the adage “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”, well that can be translated to “dress like you are, not like people think you are? “.

The best skirts for men to wear now

If you’ve had the idea of ​​wearing one of the men’s skirts available for purchase now, take Mark Bryan’s style advice: pair the skirt with a masculine top, optional heels. If you’d rather follow Harry Styles’ lead, mix your style with a dose of masculine and feminine clothing and accessories until you feel the items are indeed balanced to reflect your personality.

Below are a few options of men’s skirts available for this fall.

Thom Browne Striped Pleated Midi Skirt

Crafted from wool and cashmere, this pleated skirt features the Browne’s striped logo. It has a concealed closure and is longer in the back. Try it with combat boots and a sweatshirt or crew neck sweater.

knee length skirt thom brown

knee length skirt thom brown

Buy: Thom Browne Pleated Knee Length 4 Bar Stripe Skirt $ 2,100.00

Yohji Yamamoto high waist midi skirt

Yamamoto’s fall skirt for men is loose fitting and has a soft pleat. The poly-blend skirt features an elasticated waist, a back pocket and a high waist. Rock n ‘roll with it and try it on with high rise converses and a graphic tee.

Yohji Yamamoto high waist midi skirt

Yohji Yamamoto high waist midi skirt

Buy: Yohji Yamamoto High Waist Midi Skirt $ 756.00

Men’s Burberry Plaid Cotton Kilt

Burberry serves tradition with a twist. This men’s kilt is cut in a subtle plaid and cut down to the knee with curly sides. It can be worn over jeans (as pictured here) or with a blazer, knee high socks and lace up brogues.

burrberry men's cotton kilt

burrberry men’s cotton kilt

Buy: Burberry Men’s Plaid Cotton Kilt $ 960.00

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